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Part of my services are dedicated to actors, as well as portraits for artists of other disciplines. In the case of actors, sessions take place in a relaxed setting, with natural light or studio lighting. We focus mainly on theatrical and commercial headshots, considering current on-print and online requirements in terms of composition, look and feel and making sure the image pops with "the right life" in any circumstance (on-screen or on hand) while never looking unlike my client. Visit the daylight, nocturnal and junior portrait pages for examples.

These sessions take place exclusively at the studio. The studio provides a private, safe and intimate setting where lighting is particularly designed and engineered to unveil the beautiful features of the human body. Whether you are an athlete preparing to compete or wanting to immortalize a moment in time, you will find these sessions and the results to be unforgettable. Visit the prizefighters page for examples.

They are both - without a doubt - the hardest and the easiest subjects to shoot. Why? They are all honesty and spontaneity. This is an area I reserve for those who want something really personal. I go to you. The most sincere and transparent moments are seized in a natural environment - that's why I go to you - preferably outdoors - or indoors where natural light is present - at your home, at a playground, backyard or at a birthday party, where the camera is there and, like a fly on the wall, captures moments without being too present or interrupting flow, nature or play. For examples please pay a visit to the infantia and bellydrummers pages.

I normally provide these services to independent filmmakers and stage productions. My services and involvement depend on scope. Sometimes, I am commissioned to shoot the stills and the rest of the work or sometimes clients provide their own stills from their project and I take it from there, in both instances designing a branding concept that consists of creating a number of print and electronic marketing materials to enhance and promote the project. These materials may include "one-sheets" (also knows as posters), postcards, teasers, etc. but also logos, tag lines, titles and industry-standard accreditations. Examples can be found on the stills & artwork page.

Graphic design services for businesses, products, projects and institutions with an emphasis on creating original work, "concept photography" to "message" to print-ready materials or electronic formats. Services and involvement vary with scope of project. See industri page.

These sessions take place at the pet's family home (yard or indoors where natural light can be invited in) or at a park, beach or outdoor area that is familiar to the pet. Some examples can be seen at creatures of comfort portfolio page.


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